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Eglin AFB – Air Force Research Laboratory Munitions Directorate Technical Library

Anyar provides all personnel, equipment, tools, material, supervision, and other items and services necessary for the operation of the Air Force Research Laboratory Munitions Directorate Technical Library. Other services include an accountable property agent that maintains all library material, manages records for book/periodical collections and annual inventory’s. Employees are also responsible for the set up and managing of files, preparation and submission of reports to the government, as well as being responsible for the process and accountability of all classified/unclassified material and the handling classified mail. Tech Library employees are also responsible for maintaining their Information Technology Equipment. This includes an ongoing automation plan, identify state of the art library trends, maintaining the web site, performing IT support duties, implementation of software vendor patches and corrective instructions, and maintain operational status of all computers.

For these employees, Anyar provides a project manager and contract administrator than monitors quality control and is responsible for answering staff needs.

In addition, Anyar provides support personnel for Human Resources.