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Eglin AFB – Ultrasound Technician

Anyar Inc provides Eglin AFB hospital with an Ultrasound Technician who assist in treating patients that are scheduled, walk-ins, referrals and emergencies when required by the Flight Commander, to ensure access standards are met during deployments, unscheduled absences, or when limited technician staffing dictates. The Ultrasound Tech provides professional Ultrasound services and programs to all Government beneficiaries including active duty military, military family members, DoD civilians, and retirees.
This Technician operates facility provided ultrasound scanners. Operate the linear, sector, and endovaginal probes as well as pulse and color Doppler capabilities of provided scanners. Receive and interpret requests or instructions for diagnostic ultrasound scans; perform daily warm up and assigned quality control checks of the ultrasound scanners. Perform a full range of diagnostic ultrasonic examinations including but not limited to: fetal echo; placental Doppler studies; obstetrical sonography, including imaging of all fetal anatomy in order to obtain accurate dating and growth parameters and evaluate for fetal abnormalities and problems with the pregnancy; pelvic sonography, including imaging of all pelvic anatomy to attain accurate assessment of suspected pathology; and endovaginal sonography exams to obtain accurate assessment of suspected pelvic pathology. diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. These Ortho Techs assist in treating patients that are scheduled, walk-ins, referrals and emergencies as necessary by the Flight Commander and aid in emergency Orthopedic Procedures and Triage urgent needs.

For these employees, Anyar provides a project manager and contract administrator that monitors quality control and is responsible for answering staff needs.

In addition, Anyar provides support personnel for Human Resources.