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Research Assistant/Laboratory Assistant – Department of Health & Human Services

Anyar Inc. provides DHAP Laboratory at the Center for Disease Control & Prevention with a Research Assistant. The Research Assistant provides assistance with processing and cataloguing biological specimens obtained from nonhuman primates, including blood and tissues, to be used for diagnostic and functional assays. The assistant performs a variety of molecular (PCR and RT-PCR) and serologic (western blot, ELISA) diagnostic assays to monitor HIV or SIV infection status macaques. They perform cellular characterization; both cell surface markers and intracellular cytokine staining, of lymphocytes isolated from uninfected and infected macaques by flow cytometry using a BD Biosciences LSR II instrument. Calibrate and maintain laboratory instruments and equipment. Maintain experiment records, prepare and present oral and written reports within CDC, and help prepare results for manuscripts and presentations. The Research Analyst is Technically savvy, demonstrates great enthusiasm for assisting the laboratory with their investigations.

For this employee, Anyar provides a project manager and contract administrator that monitors quality control and is responsible for answering staff needs.

In addition, Anyar provides support personnel for Human Resources.