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Articulated Human Model

Project Description: The customer identified regimes in which injury data gaps existed for predicting the incapacitation or injury of personnel and the associated medical response requirements due to blunt trauma injuries sustained in blast attacks on military vehicles or structures. This created an urgent need for new injury data and a fast running simulation model to predict the personnel incapacitation for military applications.

Achieved Results: Anyar’s software development team and researchers worked closely with the test engineers to develop algorithms and to define the inputs and outputs required for successful implementation of the blast injury and blunt trauma simulation model. Completion of this model, put Anyar at the forefront of advancing fast running human body injury simulation. Anyar’s innovative Articulated Human Model (AHM) realistically simulates the limits, damping, and stiffness of human joints. The lifelike joint behavior of the AHM is coupled with fast-running viscoelastic models that compute traumatic injuries from blunt impacts or blast events.