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Predictive Simulation Tool

Project Description: The Air Force Research Lab needed a simulation tool to predict the dispersion of the submunitions from a Tactical Munitions Dispenser (TMD) that accounted for aerodynamic drag, bulkhead constraints, bulkhead friction, and collisions when the submunitions were dispensed from the TMD.

Achieved Results: Anyar developed several coupled aero-mechanical models capable of providing an integrated simulation that included aerodynamic drag for the TMD and submunitions, bulkhead constraint forces, sliding friction mechanics at the bulkhead interface, and submunition collisions. For speed, one simulation eliminated all matrix operations (via pre-inversion) in the equations of motion and the other simulation was developed as a general purpose constraint solver as part of the model validation process. Both simulation models of the complete mechanics of the TMD dispense process were incorporated into AFRL/RW’s Endgame Framework architecture as simulation modules.