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Research & Development

Anyar, Inc. has a highly successful Research and Development (R&D) track record grounded in the DoD Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program, which expanded into several 8(a) and non-8(a) IDIQ contracts with DoD customers in weapons development, systems-of-systems analysis, and testing task areas. These efforts have helped Anyar, Inc. build up our core technical expertise, which is centered on providing our customers research and analysis tools that incorporate models with appropriate fidelity and underlying phenomenology for such applications as munitions performance estimation, modeling, simulation, and analysis for munition effectiveness, system-of-system trade studies, human injury, and system/force simulations.

Centered on providing our customers research and analysis tools that incorporate models with appropriate fidelity

Modeling and Simulation: Anyar has expertise in the development and integration of complex simulations for hydrocode, physics based, engagement level, 6-DOF, mission level, and campaign level analyses in support of system and system-of-system studies. Novel capabilities have been developed for accelerated blast simulation, accelerated warhead mechanical response estimation, 6-DOF Missile Guidance Navigation & Control simulation, and simulation integration architectures for optimization and Design of Experiments.

Human Injury Prediction: Anyar developed the Articulated Human Model (AHM) simulation that is capable of predicting human injury in a blast or large object impact scenario. Anyar developed the tool to predict personnel incapacitation and medical response requirements using recent research and Anyar’s SBIR derived Constrained Dynamics Engine (CDE).

Mechanical Explosive Shock: Anyar developed capabilities for mechanical/explosive shock test fixture design, implementation, and results analysis applicable to a wide range of inventory and conceptual munitions.

Small Unmanned Aerial System (SUAS): Anyar performs SUAS development, maintenance, integration, and support for our DoD clients. Anyar’s IDIQ tasks have included support for: 1) design, integration, training, and flight test support for TerraSight metadata over IP interfaced to a SUAS Ground Control Station (GCS), 2) development of apps for handheld device interfaces to SUAS systems, and 3) development, training, support of a multi Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) GCS.

Small Business Innovation Research: Our success in the SBIR arena demonstrates our ability to exploit our capabilities and apply them to meet our customer’s most challenging R&D needs. Anyar has experience and is very comfortable in both the Prime contractor and Subcontractor roles.

Over the years, Anyar has strategically created growth opportunities by exploring innovation and technology, strengthening its central expertise and delivering quality solution-oriented service to the customer.